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Shady Lady a Musical Comedy With Helen Kane and Lester Allen in the Leading Roles, Opens at the Shubert Theater

"Shady Lady"

A Musical comedy, presented at the Shubert Theater by Harry Meyer.  Book by Estelle Morando. Music and lyrics by Sam H.Stept, Bud Green, Jesse Greer and Stanley Adams.  Staged by Theofore J. Hammerstien and Jack Donohue.  Settings by Tom Adrian Cracraft.

The Cast

Richard Brant - Charles Purcell

Tracy - Harold Webster

Geoffrey Benson - Max Hoffmann Jr.

Francine - Audrey Christie

Clarisse - Phylilys Cameron

Sonia - Vivan Vernon

Ai Darley - Lester Allen

Peggy Sietson - Louise Kirtland

Millie Mack - Helen Kane

Lulu Stetson - Helen Raymond

Taxi driver - William Meader

Helen Kane the Boop-a-Doop Girl is not to be seen in a comedy with music at the Shubert Theater.  Miss Kane is not as slender as a willow and she looks like a black-haired Edna Hibbard.  She acts drunk most of the evening, singing a little and pattering like a tough little girl. She will help the new entertainment to whatever popularity it may achieve.  It is called "Shady Lady."

Lester Allen provides the comedy , a little comedian with great energy and jaunty good nature.  And Charlies Purcell, looking rugged with a moustache, is the hero.

The story is one of an artist who got drunk one evening and married a girl only to have her slip out of a taxi on the way home.  He doesn't even remember what she looked like and a large part of the evening is taken up with his efforts to find her. Not that he cared for her in any big way.  It looks for a white as if Helen Kane were the girl.

She comes to the studio of his Summer home on Long Island to pose for him.  It seems he is doing a painting of a lady with only a few morals and he has engaged her from Bedford Reformatory.

Meanwhile also the proiceedings are made more animated than they otherwise would be by Lester Allen impersonates a night club proprietor badly in need of an angel and meeting Miss Raymond, who had a voice like Taxas Guinan's and un-limited wealth.  He sees a way out of his troubles. The way consists of his persuading her that she would make a very popular night club hostess.

When he has made her think so he very easily has made her think so he very easily gets hold of a goodly sum of her money.

The two have fun, Miss Raymond performing rather heavily, Mr. Allen more nimbly.  The comedy is scarcely brilliant. In fact "Shady Lady" is decidedly Summer entertainment, if by that term may be meant entertainment that would not seem very entertaining at any other time.

Estelle Morando wrote the book which is no hilarious romp, and the music and lyrics have required the cumbined efforts of Sam H, Stept, Bud Green, Jesse Greer and Stanley Adams.  There is a chorus of course, a chorus not large not lovely, which does things now and then to no paricular purpose.  The aim of the whole affair is to be different from the usual comedy, to be a pleasant story with songs.  It is a nice aim but more it's realization a good deal more is needed than is done at the Shubert.

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