That's Why I'm Happy written by Magidson Cleary in 1929 & recorded by Helen Kane.

That's Why I'm HappyEdit

Transcribed by Helen Kane Wikia 100%


Folks I'm in love

I'm really in love

This time I mean what I say

I found the one

The only one

He's got me acting this way

I love the one but he

He loves the one but me

We love to be with we

That's why I'm happy

I know just what he prays

And he knows just what I pray

We know but we behave

That's why I'm happy

We don't do the things that are wrong


Ooooh, how we do get along

I do just as I should

And he does just as he should

We do each other good

That's why I'm happy

* Instrumental

I love to be alone

He loves to be alone

We love when were alone

That's why I'm happy

I like him more each day

And he likes me more each day

We like to be that way

That's why I'm happy

We have fun we don't spend a dime but
Ooooh, how we spend our time

I know we shouldn't pet

And he knows we shouldn't pet

We know but we forget

That's why I'm happy






That's Why I'm Happy - Helen Kane (Victor)02:23

That's Why I'm Happy - Helen Kane (Victor)

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