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The Flippety Flop, from The Dance of Life, Marjorie Babe Kane, 192905:34

The Flippety Flop, from The Dance of Life, Marjorie Babe Kane, 1929

The Flipperty Flop

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The Flipperty Flop is a 1929 song from the Dance of Life where is was performed by Marjorie Babe Kane. Helen Kane can be seen dancing to the song at the start of the 1929 film Pointed Heels

The Flipperty Flop (Lyrics)Edit


Hey you seekers a double thrill

I've a new one for you

No it isn't a brink not at all what you think

When your sick of the pace that cures

When a while party for you

Here's a way to proceed

Look at follow my lead

Oh snabbley wobble n' wiggle

Happily hobble and hop

And get too ooh ooh the flipperty flop

Worry will leave you forever

Troubles that grieve you will stop

When you go into the flipperty flop

Means nothing to you


Throw that weakness away

Keep your muscles awake

Give em a break

Try n' get hotter n' hotter

Water get's hotter and hot

Try again and do that flipperty flop

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