Three of a kind
Three of a kind Ruth Etting Fanny Brice Helen Kane
Three of a kind

Three of a kind

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Three of a kind had a Unofficial Release in the US on Vinyl LP by Fanett146. The LP features Helen Kane, Fanny Brice and Ruth Etting. There is a total of 15 songs as stated on the album cover.


  1. When a gal cares for a man
  2. I'm cooking breakfast
  3. A good hole in the dyke
  4. I brought myself a basket
  5. When a gal cares for a man
  6. Tell me baby, aincha?
  7. Lovey
  8. I have to have Lovein
  9. It's so unusual
  10. Pick up the prep step
  11. I think you like it
  12. 3R's of love
  13. Let me sing and i'm happy
  14. Dancing with tears in my eyes
  15. you


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