Want Helen Kane To Return Gift $40.000 in CashEdit

Certian Mr Posner Thought 

Highly of "Boop-Doop Girl"

New YORK, N.Y. Aug 13- Helen

Kane the "Boop-Doop Girl" is

restrained under court order from touching $40.000

in her trust company account. The court order charged M.J Posner,

partner in the Bond Dress company, which is bankruptcy proceedings, gave the money

to Miss Kane out of funds belonging to creditors.

Miss Kane is directed to appear and testify under what circumstances she received the sum from Posner.

Helen Denies Charge

CHICAGO, Aug. 13 - Helen

Kane denied here the charge made in

New  York that M. J Posner has given her $40.000.

Mr Posner is a friend of mine but I've never heard of

this money business she stated.  Maybe I've been more

booped against than booping.

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